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Thrive Series: Module 1 – Renew Your Energy

It is normal to feel fatigue, stress and overwhelm as we live through uncertainty and change. It is also normal to experience a drop in energy at some point in our day. No matter what is draining your there is a way to renew and regenerate it.
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What's included?

  • 7 Videos
  • Energy Assessment
  • Energy Strategies
  • Action Planning
  • Course Notes

Energy Renewal is Possible

You will learn about the importance of energy renewal and management. By exploring strategies that enhance your energy for your Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit, you will improve your wellbeing

Reflection and Resources

You will be encouraged to reflect regularly throughout the course and will be shown how to create your unique action plan. Further links to resources are also provided throughout this module. 

Course contents

Meet the instructor

Mary Mangos

Mary has a mission to share scientific strategies and practical ideas to inspire individuals, organisations and teams towards clarity, peace and joy. She is an experienced learning professional, working with individuals, leaders and staff on wellbeing since 2001.

Her learning programs, webinars, keynotes and masterclasses synthesise neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology into critical insights to support staff and leaders to thrive and to be productive. Learning programs created by Mary engage people and challenges them to think differently and start taking positive steps to transform the way they work and live.

Mary is a registered coaching Psychologist, an author, podcaster, meditation teacher, and regularly blogs / posts articles on wellbeing, leadership, emotional intelligence, communication, positive psychology and wellbeing.

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