28 Tips
Beyond Burnout and Towards Positive Wellbeing

A program for busy people
feeling overwhelmed with stress, fatigue, irritability
and are having difficulty focusing
Burnout is caused by unresolvable stress that is chronic in frequency and intensity.
Working through tips and practices over 28 days, you will learn how to refuel your energy reserves for improved clarity and calm. 
Learn more by exploring the first section of this program which is free  - to explore how this program can benefit YOU!
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What's included?

Tips and Practices

A quiz to assess if you are headed for burnout
Each day over 28 days the program will open with helpful tips and strategies to enhance you energy and clarity


Links to explore articles and additional resources to support your learning will be provided each day
Plus an ongoing private facebook group for further support

Free Download

A free download summary of all 28 tips and practices shared
And access to all content for 12 weeks
Content from the book: Finding Your Well-BEing
plus a Free Digital Copy

Thank you for a course so well designed and presented, filled with so much science backed information that truly opened my eyes to the fact that I was giving and doing far to much for everyone around me and in the process was self sabotaging my own health, peace, and inner wellness. 
That's now changed so much in a short time. And my hubby and children thank you, as I'm now moving, working, thinking, slower yet achieving more productivity.
Kimberly Sargent, June 2021

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I pay in instalments?

Yes you can pay the upfront fee or choose to pay via instalments over 3 months.

2. Will I receive the tips via email or just on the site?

You will receive a daily email reminder when your tip and other resources are available to be viewed. You can check your course each day or you can review the tips throughout the week when it suits you. 

3. How do I know if this program is for me?

Please explore the first section of the course which is free. It includes information about the program, how it can help you to move beyond burnout. It also contains a quiz that provides feedback in real time: Are you headed  for burnout?

4. What support is available if I have questions?

It is important to us to support you towards positive change. After enrolling, you can join our private facebook group that you can join. Program facilitators will be sharing additional information, tips and answering any questions to support your journey toward positive change.
Your Program Facilitator

Mary Mangos

Mary has a mission to share scientific strategies and practical ideas to inspire individuals, organisations and teams towards clarity, peace and joy. She is an author and  an experienced learning professional, working with individuals, leaders and staff on wellbeing since 2001.

Her learning programs, webinars, keynotes and masterclasses synthesise neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology into critical insights to support staff and leaders to thrive and to be productive. Learning programs created by Mary engage people and challenges them to think differently and start taking positive steps to transform the way they work and live.

Mary is a registered coaching Psychologist, an author, podcaster, meditation teacher, and regularly blogs / posts articles on wellbeing, leadership, emotional intelligence, communication, positive psychology and wellbeing.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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